School Visits

Jake regularly visits primary and secondary schools to talk about Scott’s Last Expedition, perform his songs, and describe his own journey to Antarctica. If you would like to organise a visit, you can contact Jake here.



“Jake Wilson gave us an outstanding cross-curriculum session at Poole Grammar School. The boys and teaching staff were captivated by the deep thought processes behind Jake’s songs, which he unpicked during a packed literacy class and an extremely interactive music class. He also performed a concert to a broader school audience, which was incredibly moving and well received – we all realised we were listening to a master work.”

— Jonathan Stiby, Poole Grammar School


“What a musician and performer Jake is. He had us all spellbound! The songs and his telling of the stories behind the process were just brilliant – staff and students were in awe of his creativity.”

— Melanie Coyle, Head of Music, Luton 6th Form College


“What a pleasure and privilege it was for our pupils to hear about Jake’s musical journey to Captain Scott’s hut in the Antarctic. He set the scene brilliantly by showing slides and talking about each of the men in turn. By the time he performed his songs, his audience was most receptive and, by the end of the session, definitely inspired!”

–Katie Milne, Head of Junior School, Stephen Perse Foundation, Cambridge


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